Born up north (Syracuse, NY) and raised in the syrup of the south (Orlando, FL) Remedy Da Franchise is the perfect medium. Growing up in a musical family, she discovered her love for hip hop and would later realize she possessed lyrical talent.

In her adolescent years, she spent free time making music with her peers and became part of a crew out of Jacksonville, FL. Outside of academics and sports, she unknowingly honed her marketing skills by growing an organic following on social media and expanding to 14,000+ followers on MySpace prior to the platform’s mass exodus.

After years of suffering from physical injuries, this former basketball phenom had a career-ending injury and chose to leave the NCAA to focus on her academics and craft.

While dropping multiple mixtapes and singles, Remedy went on to continue building her brand eventually garnering the support of fans internationally, snagging several underground music/video nominations and awards, appearing in publications and interviewing with both radio and television personalities. Her ability to rap alongside industry veterans and hip hop icons such as Project Pat, Vita and La Chat proved how skilled and versatile this emcee had become with her approach to music.

Following a hiatus to focus on her personal life and business acumen, she has returned with a renewed sense of purpose and a refined artistry that only experience can produce.

Her life continues to be told through music and #FranchisePlayers remains the movement.